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10/20 Kalamazoo, @Wayne Manor-Acidic Tree,Old Soul,GreatAmericanWitchhunt MORE...

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Massive Screamo show at Wayne Manor in Kalamazoo.

Acidic Tree-Chicago Folk Screamo

Half Milk-Chicago Psychobilly Tech Screamo

Old Soul-Michigan Post Rock Screamo

GreatAmericanWitchHunt-Grand Rapids Passionate Punk screamo

17 Again- Screamo Power Violence

Quietus- Heavy Rocking Punk/Screamo. Members of Under Anchor,Cloud Rat,Old Soul

Oct 20th 7pm Wayne Manor $Donations
926 Davis ST., Kalamazoo, MI 49008

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Woah, Quietus. Out of hiatus?

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tbag01 wrote:Woah, Quietus. Out of hiatus?

Out of hiatus and ready to entertain us.

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Flyer for this?

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