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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Live @ The Videodrome

(Lost? Message Brandon Hill or call\text 616-308-2135)

8:00 PM

$5 = Support

Once in a great great RARE while comes a gig that is unmissable - The kinda gig that you talk about a few years later going "Goddamn!! I'm glad I didn't miss that, but you sure fucked up"' Kinda like how I've missed Sunn 0)))) twice now…oops. It's been a cruel, hot, grueling long show packed summer, but this is one for the ages. A rare showcase of some of the finest midwest noise and power electronics chaos all in one grimy, totally dingy Michigan basement. In other words, perfect. Totally and utterly essential.

BREACHED HULL = Speaking of rare shit - back in 97' the world changed. No, it wasn't that forthcoming Y2K apocalypse bullshit - but it was close. After my main man W.S. Anderson made that super shitty (but totally rad) Mortal Kombat movie - he decided to take a hellish piss in the mainstream with arguably one of the greatest 90's cult classics of all time - Event Horizon. If you don't know - you're too late - but if you do - then all you need to know now is that BREACHED HULL comes in like a depressurized airlock sucking out the goo from your eyelids and opens the gateway to your worst nightmare via absolutely terrifying and confrontational power electronics. Sci-Fi PE in hell. Sam Neil would be proud. Members of Watertorture\ Pusdrainer -(Cinci, OH + Buffalo, NY) RELEASE SHOW for their devastating new tape\DVD boxiest via the mighty and ever important WATERPOWER label. GRIP!

DEVELOPER = White hot, stellar surgical noise. Samples and cut-up madness collide in perfect harmony and precision - dicing and mincing ear canals to shreds. Perfect execution. Every single release by the project completely tops the last - with amazing tapes out on top labels such as Husk, Factotum Tapes, White Centipede Noise, Skeleton Dust Recordings and more. Amazing, groundbreaking harsh noise. (Dayton, OH)

SKIN TAPE = Crude and harsh PE from this mysterious Dayton project. Goddamn, Ohio breeds total filth. Disgustingly wretched vocals churn through walls of ear splitting feedback. That red hot sensation you get when your eardrums are at the brink of popping into pus. Awesome. (Dayton, OH)

DEEPER WELLS = Unrelenting harsh crumbling walls of harsh sound decay with buried tortured vocals tearing through the layers of basement scum. Violent and true power electronics. Take lessons kids. Another Waterpower label master-class project. Absolutely classic material.



PLAGUES = Loss - Nothing - Bottom feeder electronics. Gutter found synths. Ancient vocals. Failure worship.




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