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Has anyone ever had to custom frame a print?

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1 Has anyone ever had to custom frame a print? on Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:10 pm

I've got a pretty awkward shaped 19x40 print that I'd like to get framed, so I have to go the custom made route. I got some prices from Michael's and Joanne Fabrics, but they were a little above my price range being around $125 to get the job done. Does anyone know of some smaller places that offer this service and maybe wouldn't be so expensive?

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Have you considered just buying a larger frame and using matte board to fill out the space? I think 27"x40" is a fairly common size. I dont think 4" of matte board on each side would be that terrible looking.

Another possibility, I just found this via Google. Looks like you can get a 19"x40" frame for as little as about $35. I don't know what shipping would be, because it wanted me to make an account to check. I have no idea how reputable the site is, but here's the link:


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I go to River's Edge Gallery in Wyandotte to get any framing done. They're reasonably priced and do a really great job. Likely for anything that big anywhere it's going to cost you right around that price you were quoted.

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I actually checked out one of the 27x40's when I was out looking around and it just looked to awkward with the print being the exact size as far a width goes but then having four inches of extra space above and below it. I actually found that site online as well but it seems a little shady. Jimmy Lawson texted me a few places in the area that I should check out. Cory and Tim, thanks for the input!

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I think Jimmy Lawson is the go to guy for framing.

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i used to do this as my job. Michaels will be the cheapest/most convenient. they ALWAYS have a sale on framing happening. You may even get a better deal if you get a couple things done. I just had a huge Kevorkian print done there with conservation glass for like 150 bucks. the glass alone could cost 150 bucks other places.

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